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The Boat

After circling the world twice and sailing around Antarctica for 10 years, the S/V Yamreed embarked at the end of 2018 on a new role: as Israel's vessel for social change.


Mifrasim chose the Challenge 67 model (named because it is 67 feet, or 20 meters, long) because it is a strong, safe and seaworthy vessel, well suited to our needs. Indeed sailboats of comparable dimensions are used by similar social and communally oriented organizations around the world to achieve their goals.


The S/V Yamreed boasts excellent living conditions below deck while providing a thrilling and challenging experience under full sail. Its operation depends totally on teamwork, on the part of a skilled professional crew accompanied by the hands-on collaboration of Mifrasim's participating groups – and when it sails, the experience is unforgettable!

שרטוט גדול.png

Boat Specifications






Keel Weight

Maximum crew





48 tons

12 tons (from total weight)

22 people


Our S/V Yamreed was built in 1991 as a competitive vessel, which participated in the round-the-world BT Global Challenge competition twice. In 1992-3 she finished 4th (out of 10), under skipper Vivien Cherry.

In the early 2000s the vessel was purchased by legendary skipper and naturalist Stephen Wilkins, who led expeditions around Antarctica for a decade.

In 2018 Mifrasim purchased the boat, then docked in Holland. Late that year, she began her journey to Israel.

Today her journeys are those of people who are learning to grapple with their own personal, inner challenges

The Journey Home

A group of 70 professional sailors, volunteers and patrons took part in the two-month voyage from Holland to Israel. The S/V Yamreed received a warm and moving welcome by dozens of supporters upon arrival in her new slip in the Herzliya marina, her new home.

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Sailing For Change

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