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  • Leave your comfort zone

  • Disconnect from everyday distractions

  • Experience teamwork at its best

  • Have a real-world experience- this is not a simulation!

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How does the process work? 

  1. Align expectations and clarify the goals of the group 

  2. Meet on Platform K in the Herzliya Marina

  3. Receive a brief from the skipper. When the briefing ends, the guests become the crew who operate the boat (really!)

  4. Set sail, taking into consideration the weather conditions and the goals that the group wants to achieve

  5. Return to the dock and summarize the activity

קהל היעד
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הגה כחול.png
הגה כחול.png

Our Target Audience

The sea voyage programs that Mifrasim offers are suitable for a variety of groups:

  • Youth at Risk

  • Polarized populations

  • People on the spectrum

  • People dealing with loss (bereavement)

  • People dealing with PTSD

Tailoring the program to each group's goals is done in conjunction with our professionals working with the group.

המגזר העסקי

Business Sector

Operational excellence that results in meaningful contributions:

If your organization encourages innovation, flexibility, and a willingness to get out of your comfort zone, and wants to learn and improve - this activity is for you!

Specialized organizational consultants will work with you to understand your company’s needs and to build an activity that will benefit your team long after we part ways on the dock.

Your department can sail for a few hours as a teambuilding activity and get some fresh air, or sail with an organizational consultant / facilitator to achieve predefined goals.

More importantly - your organizational development activity will provide life-changing sea voyage experiences to additional participants who needs it most, by helping to fund other activities.

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הגה כחול.png
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