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During years of organizing unique programs for various populations, we've heard many people say "the sea is my therapist."  We've discovered that, like us, the groups who join us onboard – whether as part of a one-time or year-long process – undergo a meaningful experience that far surpasses a few pleasurable hours at sea. Many refer to it as life-changing. The aim of our sailing crews and is to make this experience available to as many people as possible, especially underprivileged and special needs communities in Israeli society who would otherwise not have access to such experiences.

Mifrasim is a vehicle for promoting communal change that harnesses the powers of the sea and sailing, and combines them with a professionally led, enriching individual and collective experience.

The Mission

Mifrasim, a nonprofit organization run by a community of volunteers, aims to improve the lives of members of diverse groups, by strengthening them and helping them to acquire individual and team skills by means of journeys at sea.

The Vision

With its commitment to professionalism, humanism and building a sense of community, Mifrasim will be a spearhead of personal and social advancement in Israel through group sea journeys.

הצוות שלנו

Our Crew

Mifrasim was founded by devoted sea lovers whose goal is to harness the power of sailing to help communities enjoy a formative and unique experience. The founders, along with dozens of volunteers, firmly believe that the sessions at sea provide participants with life skills that will remain with them long after they return home.



Mifrasim is a volunteer-based venture.  Included among our dozens of volunteers are sailing instructors, group moderators, organizational consultants, social workers, technical professionals and more.

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Our facilitator team members are group moderators, clinical social workers, and therapists, all with different backgrounds and specialties. What they all have in common is the knowledge and ability to utilize a sea voyage for the benefit of encouraging personal growth and group development.


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Our professional crew of skippers is made up of leading sailing instructors with years of experience leading sea voyages all over the world. All of our skippers encourage the guests to experiment, learn and experience while onboard.



Mifrasim is a non-profit venture, operating under “Topaz- Leading Social Innovations”. The project is led by a professional management team, headed by Dr. Udi Netzer, and includes the project entrepreneurs, Topaz representatives, and volunteers.



Mifrasim is a non-profit venture (Non-Profit ID:  580733152). The project relies heavily on volunteers and operates in the ‘leanest’ way possible, without compromising on professionalism or services provided to those who sail with us, understanding that they truly deserve the best of both. 

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Sailing For Change

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