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Mifrasim Staff

Yosale Dror


CEO and Co-founder

Earned a bachelor's degree in psychology, is a sailing and kayaking instructor.


"We founded "Mifrasim" in 2017 with a group of amazing people, because we believe in the power of the group sea voyage to positively change the lives of young people and adults facing complex life challenges".


"I am honored by the privilege to share this vision with an amazing and dedicated team of employees and volunteers who have the best interests of our sailing participants at the forefront of their thoughts".

Bar Efrati

בר אפרתי- תמונת פרופיל_edited.jpg

Director of Operations and Volunteers

Holds a bachelor's degree in behavioral sciences and a master's degree in organizational consulting.

"I accompanied youth in risky situations for a number of years, in different settings. I looked for ways for them to grow and evolve, and for areas for them to develop while facing a challenge. The sea provides all of this and much more, for both youth and adults". 

"Today, I accompany the dozens of volunteers who propel and breathe life into Mifrasim, and have the honor of establishing dozens of exciting projects that enable thousands of people to make a change in their lives". 


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Renan Lifshitz

רנן- תמונה לאתר.jpeg

Administrative Manager

"The love of the sea led me to the Mifrasim, and after years of volunteering with Mifrasim, I joined the staff".

"Today the sea and sailing are a significant part of my life, and I am happy to be part of Mifrasim's team allowing me to make the maritime space accessible to others, who will be able to benefit from it, as it benefits me".

Elad Tal


Director of facilitators and training in Mifrasim,

and One of the Four Founders of Mifrasim

Graduated of Israeli Naval Academy, group leader, psychotherapist.

Accompanies and lives Mifrasim from the days of being an idea until it is a living and evolving reality.

"The establishment of Mifrasim for me is the choice of nature in general and the sea in particular as a healing and revitalizing force for the individual and society.
I feel very privileged to be part of an organization that works every day to make the world a better place. I am excited by the change that the participants in our groups are going through and the hope with which they come back to life when they come down from the boat

Nirit Slaney


Director of Resource Development and Partnerships

A yacht with 30 thousand miles behind it

"The life on the yacht, the love for the sea, and the sparkle in the eyes of those involved made me volunteer at the Sails Association from the day it was founded".

"I am excited every time to see the gift that the sea gives to each of the sailors on board the social ship".


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