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Mifrasim's Management

Mifrasim is a non-profit venture, operating under “Topaz- Leading Social Innovations”. The project is led by a professional management team, headed by Dr. Udi Netzer, and includes the project’s entrepreneurs, Topaz representatives, and volunteers.

Board of Directors

Dr. Udi Netzer

Graduate of Israel Naval academy, PhD in Mechanical Engineering (Technion & Stanford University), previously senior VP at Rafael and DG of the Nuclear Research Center Negev. Today, leads technology enterprises (scientific and commercial) in Space, Precision Optics, and Proton Therapy for cancer. Udi sees "Mifrasim" as an exciting opportunity to make an impact on society and to connect to unique people and to the sea.

אודי נצר- תמונת פרופיל.jpeg

Deena Sokolov

Deena is an operations executive and environmental advocate, who is most at peace when at sea.  She has been volunteering with Mifrasim since it was established and continues to be amazed at the transformations that groups and individuals who sail with Mifrasim undergo during their time on the vessel.

She holds an MBA from Tel Aviv University and a BS in Biology and Environmental Studies from Carnegie Mellon University.

דינה סוקולוב.jpeg

Hila Karach

Hila is a business consultant for private and public companies on strategy, operations, financing, regulatory and corporate manager and a professional director.


Hila served as chief investment officer of Eurotrust Ltd., family office, where she mainly focused on investments in life sciences and hi-tech companies. Before joining Eurotrust, she was a partner at Perceptive Life Sciences Ltd, a hedge fund in New York. Research analyst at Oracle Partners Ltd , a hedge fund in the health sector in Connecticut. Hila serves as a director at Siren Ltd., a cyber security company (CYRN:NASDAQ), a director at Intec Pharma Ltd. (NASDAQ, NTEC), a director at Dario Health, a digital health company (NASDAQ; DRIO)


Director at MyHeritage Ltd. and director at TillaCare Ltd.

She has a bachelor degree in molecular and cellular biology from the University of California, Berkeley, and a graduate of the joint UCSB - UCSF medical program.


Zohar Levy

Zohar is a consultant for regulation and government relations.

She is an expert in promoting processes and collaborations with the national arena and local government.

She brings with her over a decade of experience in consulting and lobbying work for large companies in the economy and the third sector in Israel.

Zohar has a bachelor's degree in management and communication

זוהר לוי.JPG

Shmuel Sorek

Shmuel is a mechanical engineer by training and has nearly 40 years of experience in senior management of both factories and companies as well as non-profit organizations and public activities. In the past he was involved in the development of weapons and managed a factory in the military industry and for 20 years he has been involved in the recovery of companies and businesses by appointing the courts, banks and the owners of the companies and organizational consulting for businesses in crisis, including factories from various industries, businesses and even a home for the severely disabled. In his public activity, he began as the chairman of the Committee of Engineers in the military industry, was elected and served as the chairman of the Chamber of Engineers and Architects in Israel, as chairman of the Next Generations Association for Holocaust Survivors in Israel and today is a member of the Executive Committee as well as a member of the Executive Committee of the Center of Organizations of Holocaust Survivors.


Nir Zamir

Nir is a former civil service executive, currently engaged in consulting and mentoring.

"unfortunately, we are gill-free, so the marine environment is particularly complex for us. To succeed at sea, you have to recognize and respect it. We must try to harness the forces that operate at sea to meet at our needs while working as a team, just like in real life. A sailing vessel is a perfect particle accelerator for individual and group learning processes".

"Mifrasim for me is where good women and men, dreamers and practitioners alike gather, and I'm lucky to be part of them."

ניר זמיר- תמונת פרופיל.jpeg

Ayelet Levav

Ayelet is a senior human resources manager in international technological organizations in the past, mentor for managers and senior consultant in the field of human resources.

She has volunteered in Mifrasim since the beginning of the project as a crew member as well as assisting with management and organization of the NPO.


"The parallel between the journey of life and a sea journey on a sailing boat ignites my imagination. On the sea it is easiest to learn and remember what are the truly important things in life are. Stemming from loving people and loving the sea, the women and men of Mifrasim bring this learning to everyone who needs it the most. It's that simple".

איילת לבב.jpg

Moshe Riani

Moshe has been managing the supply chain at Strauss for about 13 years. Under his leadership, the procurement of raw materials, technical equipment, packaging, logistics, and more is handled. Prior to that, he managed a company specializing in importing and selling office equipment to the institutional market for two years. This came after 23 years in various senior positions at Kimberly Clark (formerly Huggies Kimberly), where he established the supply chain and served as Vice President of Sales and Logistics, managing a business unit.

Moshe has 10 years of experience (voluntarily) in supporting and assisting small businesses, with a focus on women-owned businesses as well as businesses in the ultra-Orthodox and Arab sectors.

משה ריעני.jpeg

Omer Granot

Omer is a graduate of Naval Academy, with a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering and management from the Technion and a master's degree in business administration from MIT University.

He has a rich past in entrepreneurship and technology in start-up companies in Israel and the USA and is currently the CEO of Locklays, a company that develops artificial intelligence for the real estate sector. Married to Rotem and father to Jonathan, Alma and Yuval.

 "Mifrasim and the Social Boat are a beacon of support and mutual help in the Israeli society. I am privileged to be part of the project and this wonderful group of people".

עומר גרנות.JPG

The Audit Committee

Uzi Itzhaki

CPA, lawyer and business administration graduate, with over 20 years of experience in financial management in start-up and other companies.

עוזי יצחקי.jpeg

Ofer Gottlieb

CPA, has a master's degree in accounting from Bar Ilan University.
Over 15 years of experience as CFO in global hi-tech companies, and serves voluntarily as a member of the board of trustees of Ort Brauda College and chairman of the college audit committee.

Ofer has close to 30 years of maritime experience as a skipper, is a graduate of the Derech Hayam guide course and a volunteer with Mifrasim.

Ofer believes that every activity of giving contributes to creating a better society.

עופר גוטליב.jpeg

Our partners in Topaz Association (AR)

Dr. Mike Naftali

Mike serves as the mentor of the project and the president of Topaz. For about forty years he has been involved in leading civil society organizations, community development and international development, programs for at-risk youth and social entrepreneurship.


Mike served in a variety of public positions in Israel, including the founding CEO of the Anush Association, the CEO of the ALAM organization (for youth at risk), the chairman of the National Council for Volunteering, the chairman and founder of the associations: Topaz for Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation, Brit Olam, and Inspiration.


In addition, he serves as the chairman of the academic forum for social entrepreneurship at Tel Aviv University and is one of its founders. Has a third degree from high school to OT at Tel Aviv University.

תמונת פרופיל מייק נפתלי.jpeg

Founders of Mifrasim

Yosale Dror

Yosale is a CEO of Mifrasim, a third generation of sailors. Sails since childhood. Yosale has been a sailing and adventure water sports guide in Israel and around the world for the past 15 years and a senior guide in Derech Hayam. He understood the power of the marine environment and its effect on those who allow themselves to really get close to it. Initiative This is his way of bringing this power to the right places


Elad Tal

Elad graduated from the Israeli Naval Academy, also a psychotherapist, group leader, guide for interns and students, family and couples therapist.Establishing of Mifrasim for selection stage between the group of people And the expanses of the sea as a revitalizing and healing force for the individual and society.


Assaf Reifeld

Assaf graduated from the Israeli Naval Academy, with extensive experience in sailing a wide variety of vessels. Guide and group leader on sailing trips around the world and especially in the polar regions - Antarctica, Spitsbergen, Norway, Iceland and more. Asaf is a senior sailing guide at Derech Hayam and a visionary


Yosi Sokolov

The sea is the biggest playground in the world! It is the absolute freedom and the great adventure. Yossi believes that the sea journey is a journey that consolidates and strengthens every soul. Mifrasim was established to take groups of people whose sea journey will take them to healthy and new places.



Sailing For Change

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