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Mifrasim's Skippers

Our professional crew of skippers is made up of top sailing instructors with years of experience leading sea voyages all over the world. All of our skippers encourage the participants to experiment, learn and experience while onboard.

Yosale Dror


Catch Phrase: “You cannot discover new worlds unless you have the courage to lose sight of shore”

"Mifrasim for me is having the privilege to work with amazing people, and providing the virtues of group sea voyages to others, who probably would not have experienced it any other way".

Assaf Reifeld


 Assaf is a graduate of the Israeli Naval Academy with extensive experience in sailing a wide range of vessels. He guides and leads groups on journeys around the world and specifically in the pole regions- Antarctica and Spitzbergen. Assaf is a senior sailing instructor at Via Maris and a visionary.

Yonatan (Yoni) Arnon

תמונת אתר- יוני ארנון.jpeg

Catch Phrase: "If you don’t set out, you will never arrive”

"Mifrasim for me is an amazing combination of sailing, social activity, and wonderful people. The sea, the wind and the vessel do all the work. We just help them all come together".

Sami Chen


Catch Phrase: “The greatest pleasure in life is to give pleasure to others.”

"Mifrasim for me is an amazing opportunity to enjoy several worlds: enjoying my main hobby, giving back to Israeli society, getting a sense of satisfaction from contributing to a wide variety of social groups, and sailing on this boat - which I have sailed on previously to the end of earth, coming full circle".

Revital Rabinovich Rot


Catch Phrase: "You can't control the wind, but you can adjust the sails"

"Mifrasim for me is a possibility and a privilege. Connecting people to the sea, and finding in it a home, healing, and themselves".

Dov Berman

דב ברמן.jpg

Catch Phrase: "Nu Shwein..."

"Mifrasim for me is a place to grow, to expand the soul, and for ‘doing’".

Libi Mory

ליבי מורי- אתר.jpeg

I live and breathe the sea in all its aspects. "Mifrasim" is an opportunity and privilege for me to connect people to the sea and the sea to people, to share my love for the sea, and to reveal its incredible power and amazing impact on the soul

Yosi Sokolov

תמונת אתר- יוסי סוקולוס.jpeg

Catch Phrase: "The sea is the biggest playground in the world! It’s the ultimate freedom and a great adventure”.

Yosi believes the sea voyage is a journey that unifies and strengthens every soul. “Mifrasim was founded to take groups of people on sea journeys, leading them to healthy and new horizons.”

Dan Breitel


Dan is the technical skipper of Mifrasim, a graduate of the Israeli Naval Academy, and a senior instructor at Via Maris. Dan brings over 20 years of sailing and instructing experience to Mifrasim.

Yaniv Aluma

תמונת אתר- יניב אלומה.jpeg

Catch Phrase: "…To Infinity and beyond…”

(Buzz Lightyear- Toy Story)

Mifrasim for me is “a triumph of the spirit…”

Dudi Freund

תמונת אתר- דודי פרוינד.jpeg

Catch Phrase: “Only me and I, the most normal of them all, on public transportation – headed to the sea". - Mashina

"Mifrasim is like the rabbit hole… you get onboard and arrive in Wonderland".

Tamir Glass

WhatsApp Image 2021-01-21 at

"Mifrasim for me is my way to share my love of the sea with others".

Asi Ben Hemo

אסי בן חמו.jpeg

Catch Phrase: "I came to strengthen and left strengthened

Sailing combines my two loves: the sea and people, in every activity I feel that I get more than I give

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