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When we established Mifrasim, we decided to create a platform to enable social and therapeutic activities at sea. We quickly realized that different groups had different needs, so we allowed for the flexibility to customize the nature and duration of each activity to best cater to the unique needs of each group while keeping the special ingredients that Mifrasim unique.

The Yearly Program

Weekly four hour sessions during the school year, which culminates in a 30-hour sail along the shores of Israel. The program teaches the key aspects of managing a large sailboat and includes performing tasks such as steering, hoisting and trimming the sails, practical implementation of the rules of the road, understanding the weather, coastal and electronic navigation, passage planning, sailing techniques and more. While performing these tasks, the participants are exposed to physical and mental challenges, are responsible for planning and executing duties in an orderly and systematic fashion, learn to take responsibility and accept authority, and learn to collaborate and encourage teamwork with others while handling the challenges posed by the life on the ship, and the elements of nature.

Different Backgrounds Program

A three-day journey along the coast of Israel, where participants from different backgrounds (Arab/Jew, secular/religious, etc.) will work as one team to sail the ship properly and safely and will see that “we’re all in the same boat”. The participants learn the art of sailing together, are given tasks and are expected to manage them as a team. These shared challenges as well as the intimate routine of life at sea outside their comfort zone, create an ideal environment for creating closeness and acceptance among teammates from different backgrounds and provide a unique opportunity for personal development. Having people from different sectors in Israel living together on a ship provides a powerful tool for understanding each other, removing barriers, and alleviating judgment and foreignness.

Discover the World Program

A five-day journey from Israel to Cyprus and back, where participants are completely disconnected from their familiar environment. The sea, the ship, and the crew become a new home and way of life. For five days, participants are required to operate the ship as a team, working as a cohesive group. Life on the ship exposes them to diverse challenges, requiring them to work collaboratively with tolerance and patience. They live in a hierarchical setting with a clear set of rules and learn to overcome fears, deal with problems, and find solutions, while taking responsibility for their actions. By facing and overcoming these challenges and fears, the journey will strengthen their faith in themselves and their abilities. The tools they acquire on the journey will serve them well, long after returning to stable ground.  This program is especially relevant as a “bookend" event, summarizing a group activity.