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Crew Course

Mifrasim’s unique sailboat brings a refreshing opportunity to the world of sailing in Israel. A sailboat of this size, built to circle the world with a large crew, creates a unique and exciting sailing experience. For those who have contributed to the establishment of Mifrasim, we want to expose you to what our program participants will experience.

A one-time donation of 1800 NIS will allow us to train you as an accompanying crew member giving you the opportunity to be part of our volunteer pool.

This is a fascinating overnight sailing course on the unique ship, directly connecting to the project's activities.

During the course, you will learn the principles of sails as well as how to sail, cope with stormy weather, and more.  Participation in the course will also allow us to invite you to take part in the Supporters of Mifrasim club.

Fill out the attached electronic form, indicating which courses you would like to attend: Departure on Thursday at 12:00, return the following morning 🙂

22.11.18 – The course is full

6.12.18 - The course is full


Additional courses will open in 2019.


The members of the club gather for brainstorming sessions and take an active part in helping the groups close to their hearts reach the ship.  Our Supporter Club members will be invited to join us on two cruises on the special boat.

A one-time donation of NIS 850 will help us reach additional target populations as well as host you on board.

In the coming weeks, the dates of the voyages and meetings will be shared with those who are interested.

As always we would be happy to hear about any
additional suggestions or assistance